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Alumni Testimonial Form

Please complete the form below or submit the PDF version to so that we can feature you on our website. Please also be sure to send us a professional headshot (jpg) to accompany your testimonial. We can't wait to hear from you!

Please include your country prefix (if outside U.S.) and area code. Please do not include dashes, spaces or symbols.
Please select Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral, or Multiple if you have earned more than one degree (at a different level).
If you earned multiple degrees in different years, please indicate all years separated by commas. (e.g. ####, ####)
In order to select your degree, please first select the College/Department that offered your degree program. Please note that degree programs in the College of Applied Life Sciences are now hosted in Sciences, Business or Nursing and Allied Health.
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Please describe your experience as a UL Lafayette student. Consider the following as you draft your testimonial: 1. Why did you choose to study at UL Lafayette? Why do you think international students should choose UL? 2. What skills gained at UL Lafayette have been most useful to you in your career? 3. Who (faculty, staff, or professional) inspired you to achieve your goals and why? 4. What extracurricular activities, clubs, or events did you participate in? 5. In one sentence, describe what you loved (or appreciated) most about your time at UL Lafayette.