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Registration for Current & Returning IEP Students

This form is required for all current and returning (those who have skipped a session) IEP students. Even if you are currently in the program and not planning on returning to the IEP, you must complete the form. Please answer the questions below and click 'submit'.

Please be advised that if you have an F-1 visa, you must transfer to your new school before January 13, 2020 in order to remain in the U.S.
Please remember that if you are on an F-1 student visa, you are required by law to attend classes. If you decide to go home and plan to return for a future session, please talk to Ms. Megan. Your I-20 will be terminated for authorized early withdrawal and will need to be reissued if you return to the IEP.
Please be advised that your I-20 will be terminated for authorized early withdrawal. You must complete a Withdrawal Form before leaving and depart the U.S. before January 13, 2020.
If 'yes,' please see Ms. Megan for registration information. Please note that Spring I 2020 classes begin on Monday, January 13.