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"IEP was an important step in my learning. What I learned there in 4 months, I hadn't learned in 3 years studying English in my country. Teachers and students are all great. It is a great experience, everyone should try it."



"IEP is one of the greatest experiences to me in the States. I made friends with people from all over the world. Teachers are helpful and knowledgeable. I love the life in IEP. It is the place where you will improve your English, as well as know diverse cultures. The programs helps you a lot. Just study hard here, do what teacher asked, and then you can enter university with no doubt. Class is fin. You will figure out that learning English is just a piece of cake. Although sometimes you do need to study harder to get better grade, you can handle it. Do not worry; teachers are willing to help you. They love us. IEP is just like a big family. You are here learning with your 'sisters and 'brothers,' also from your 'parents.' Thank you IEP. I graduated from IEP in 2009, but I am still a part of this big family. Hope our family will have many more members!"



"Hi. First of all IEP gave me all the English knowledge I have nowadays. I came to the U.S. just knowing a few words in English, but in the IEP I learned everything I needed to succeed in English. In IEP, I found a new family, my friends. IEP made me the person I am now, and I really appreciate all my teachers, classmates and friends. Good luck for new students."

Equatorial Guinea





"I have more self confidence and I can make plans about my future and IEP also helped me to adapt to this new culture. Attending the IEP was a pleasure. Thank you for all I have learned."







"Hi everyone! I just want to say that IEP has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. It helped me to improve my English when I came to the U.S. Nothing is better than learning English from native Americans. Most international students don't know anyone in the U.S., so IEP is perfect to make new friends and meet new people. In my case, I met my best friends at IEP, and now I can say that IEP is more than a place to learn English!"






"Before coming to the United States, I thought it would be difficult and challenging to study in a foreign country. Thankfully, everything turned out well thanks to the IEP. I met great friends from all over the world, and teachers who were really kind, helpful and motivating. While studying in the IEP, I could prepare for college, not just studying English, but speaking, reading and writing in English. Now I am more confident studying here in the United States."

South Korea




"I still remember the first day that I entered my English class in IEP. I was so excited! The idea that I was going to be able to communicate with different cultures thrilled me. This passion continues up to this day because one of the most exciting things in the world is being able to connect with other people and cultures through language. Personally, I think that joining IEP to study English is a great choice for an international person because the environment is small enough to allow personal interaction. People actually say hello and stop and have a conversation!"





"Thanks to IEP I have improved my English, but it also gave me a great experience which can help me succeed in the future. Welcome all international students to study in IEP. Good luck!"




"IEP will always remain one of my best memories in the U.S. The teachers were so friendly, helpful and open to their students. I can still remember those beautiful smiles on their faces. IEP is where fun lives. They make learning English so much easier and faster to their students. I still miss those field trips, games and quick birthday breaks with free cookies! By attending IEP, I got to know a lot about American culture and other cultures that I was new to. They made me feel more comfortable and confident in Lafayette in such a short amount of time. Today, I have friends from all over the world and I feel like being home. Thank you IEP!"





"The IEP gave me all the tools that I needed to succeed with the language."





"IEP is my friendly and warm family. I didn't get only English knowledge from experienced teachers but also learned diverse cultures from a lot of friends coming from different parts of the world. We also had many fun trips, which brought us to experience American cultures, especially the unique Cajun one. IEP helped me prepare myself for the real university life. The way teachers taught and homework they assigned effectively reflect what I met in the university classes."

Piyanont "Gate"





"Really, it was a great time in the IEP. I met a lot of students who have different cultures and personality."

Saudi Arabia






"Hi. Where are you from? When we visit other countries, we can hear a lot of that question. When I was in the IEP classes, I asked every single person in the class that question, and eventually we became friends. As an English learner, I have been inspired by the IEP classes because it was one of my dreams to meet foreign friends and know other cultures. Taking the IEP classes gave me not only English skills but also a lot of other culture friends."

South Korea





"Today I am a student at South Louisiana Community College (SLCC) because of everything I learned at the IEP. I speak better English and understand everybody. Also, it was exciting to interact with people from other countries and learn about different cultures.  I will always recommend the IEP at UL Lafayette because it was for me the best training to learn English as a second language."

Côte D’Ivoire