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Our courses are primarily designed to prepare international students for academic study at American universities. There are six proficiency levels of instruction. In all of these levels, students receive 20 hours of instruction in grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and pronunciation per week. In addition, students are expected to do 2-4 hours of homework each day to practice and reinforce the lessons. Classes are purposely kept small so that you can receive the individual attention needed to improve your English language skills.

Periodic elective classes are also available to students. Some possible elective classes are Mathematical Vocabulary, Reading Skills and Study Skills courses.

At the beginning of each 8-week session, all newly admitted students will be required to take a placement exam to determine their appropriate level. During the first week of class, the instructor will carefully review the student’s performance to make sure that he/she is placed in the proper level.

As a student progresses, the student may be in different levels of Grammar and Writing or Reading and Listening/Speaking/Pronunciation, depending on the student's achievement.

After the successful completion of Level 6 of the IEP, students can take the IEP-UL Lafayette Exit Exam (Institutional TOEFL). With a satisfactory score, students may apply to enter the University without taking the TOEFL iBT or IELTS.