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Intensive English Program

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Intensive English Program is located on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  We offer high-quality English as a Second Language instruction to students, scholars, professionals and visitors from around the world.  

Why choose the IEP?  Because the IEP offers:

1. The development of strong English and intercultural skills for future study or work.
2. Carefully designed English courses on grammar, writing, reading and speaking.
3. Excellent teachers with strong professional backgrounds and experience.
4. Small class size.
5. Affordable costs.
6. Access to University of Louisiana at Lafayette facilities.
7. Social events in the IEP and on campus.

Intensive English Program
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Office of International Affairs
413 Brook Avenue
Lafayette, LA 70506

Telephone:(337) 482-9028
Fax: (337) 482-6820
Facebook:  IepUllafayette