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Undergraduate Admissions

UL Lafayette offers International students an outstanding education for an exceptional value—located in one of the most unique cultural areas of the United States. Our university is a place where students from around the world and the country are offered virtually limitless opportunities to learn in our exceptional facilities, while enjoying the personal attention and camaraderie that we (and the Cajun culture) are famous for.

We believe that students get the most out of an education that makes it personal, which is why we stress student research throughout our undergraduate programs. Research and real-world experience can be found in many of our departments, such as in the College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions, which is home to incredibly life-like, computerized human patient simulators and uses virtual reality technology to give students a realistic experience. Likewise, students in physics get hands-on training in the Louisiana Accelerator Center. The accelerator lab utilizes ion beams to advance the science of nanotechnology—technology used to build machines one-billionth the size of a computer chip.

UL Lafayette draws distinguished faculty to its centers of excellence, allowing more students to participate in advanced research. Some of our most distinguished centers of excellence are the Center for Louisiana and Deep South Studies, the Institute of Cognitive Science, the Center for Advanced Computer Studies, and the Center for Cultural and Ecotourism.

Over 600 international students are currently enrolled on our campus. One of the biggest events of the year is International Week, held at the end of March, where our many cultures are celebrated with events, entertainment, the International Dinner and Ball, and a Miss International Pageant.

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